Crafting A 2024 New Year Goal Plan for Success: Books, Film, TV & More

New Year Goal Plan - Books, Movies, Writing, Life
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Welcome to a new year full of possibilities! This year, I’m looking to make 2024 my most amazing year yet so I’ve put together a sort of roadmap to help crush my goals and turn my dreams into reality. Ready to dive in and watch me start plotting my path to success?

Setting Goals and Making Dreams Come True in 2024

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Blog and Social Media Stats:

This year, I’m going to focus more on growing my online presence so tracking my blog and social media stats is going to be key. From posts to followers to traffic, keeping an eye on my numbers will help me to identify areas for growth and celebrate my successes along the way.

Social Media LinkFollowersGoal Date – 31 December 2024Comment
Inked Yarn Media Blog150That 1 follower is just me from a different email so I can test that things are working!
Goodreads550I’m going to start cross-posting my reviews from the blog and NetGalley to Goodreads.
Twitter (X)205300I’m more of a lurker on Twitter (X) but I hope to engage more this year.
Instagram50150I need to get over my need for it to be perfect!
Threads650I connected it through Insta but then I kind of forgot about it?
Facebook150I’ve only just got it set up properly but is it still a viable option? We shall see.
Pinterest1150I need to make proper Pins and start pinning more to drive traffic and engagement.

I’ve identified 5 big areas that I want to focus my efforts on this year – reading, writing, watching, money, life. There were so many things I wanted to do this year that my goals list was getting out of hand so I had to choose the goals that made the most sense for what I wanted to achieve relative to my blog!

New Year Goal #1 – Reading

Are you ready to join me and get stuck into some good reads? Apart from books, I’m hoping to diversify my reading with poetry, essays, shorts stories, and even some fan fiction!

Let’s set a goal for how many books to read this year and start building our reading lists. Don’t forget to reflect on what you’ve read and share your insights with others—it’s all part of the journey!

Reading Goal: 20 books

New Year Goal #2 – Writing

Both seasoned writers and beginners can benefit from setting writing goals which can help us stay focused and motivated. Commit to writing regularly, experiment with different styles, and don’t be afraid to share your work with the world.

Writing Goal: 1 short story a week; 1 poem a month; 1 essay a month

New Year Goal #3 – Watching

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? Make a list of must-watch movies and series for the year ahead, and don’t forget to share your recommendations with friends and family. It’s all about finding that perfect balance between entertainment and inspiration.

Watching Goal: Watch the Disney animated features in chronological order starting with Snow White (1937).

New Year Goal #4 – Money

This year, I’m looking to increase your income and build a financial safety net so setting financial goals is essential. I’ll be exploring different income streams and tracking my progress regularly to stay on top of my finances.

Money Goal: Set up at least 3 different income streams.

New Year Goal #5 – Life

Finally, I will be prioritizing my health, wellness, and creativity. I will make time for self-care, pursue activities that bring me joy, and not be afraid to try new things and step out of my comfort zone.

Health Goal: Work out at least 3 times a week. Eat what’s good for my body.
Wellness Goal: Weekly at-home spa days. I want my skin to be smooth and glowing.
Creativity Goal: I bought a crochet kit to teach myself how to crochet. It’s been hard! I also want to get back into candle-making.

So there you have it—a roadmap for making 2024 your best year yet! Whether you’re focusing on reading more, writing regularly, or growing your online presence, I hope these tips help you achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality. Here’s to an amazing year ahead!

I’ll be checking back in at the start of every month to see how much I’ve achieved/grown. I don’t expect things to happen all at once but I’m playing the long game.

Drop a comment or share your goals with us so we can all stay accountable throughout the year!


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